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Club League races

For further information on the the individual club league races, please click on the links below:

Club League race 1

Club League Race 2

Club League Race 3

Club League Race 4

Club League Race 5

Club League Race 6

Club League Race 7


Check out the weather and wear appropriate clothing on the day of the league event.

Club League 2013




2013 overall League Table
can be found on this page
(below the schedule)

------------- NEW FOR 2013 ---------------

There will be no 'one-day' licenses this year in the Club League.
Anyone wishing to take part in the league must have a 'Club Competition' license/membership (see the membership page if you would like to join).


As per 2012, a 2-euro sign-on fee will apply for all the races.  This is a nominal fee, just to cover the cost of providing food/tea after the race at the prize giving.

Results for each of the individual races can be found through the specific links on the left of this page.

Your best 4 events will count
 - you can ride 6 races, and EVERYONE must marshal one race.

The Rota for Marshaling can be found HERE

Here is the Schedule for the races:

The courses may change if necessary (as some are new this year).  Advance notice will be sent out to everyone via the website here, facebook group, and via SMS message also.

The dates are fixed however (unless something unforeseen forces a change).

Round 1:
 - 23rd April
 - Kinnegad - Milltownpass - Kinnegad (16km)
 - Time Trial
 - First rider off at 6.30pm SHARP!!!
 - Race will not be handicapped (fastest rider wins)

Round 2:
 - 14th May
 - 7pm
 - Enfield Circuit

Round 3:
 - 11th June
 - 7pm
 - Kinnegad Circuit

Round 4:
 - 25th June
 - 7pm
 - Time Trial
 - Race will be handicapped (most improved rider wins)

Round 5:
 - 9th July
 - 7pm
 - Enfield Circuit (hilltop finish)

Round 6:
 - 6th August
 - 7pm
 - Kinnegad Circuit (hilltop finish)

Round 7:
 - 27th Aug
 - 7pm
 - Clonard Circuit

Table showing the FINAL overall league standings, after the last round (27th Aug)...

final results

(and don't forget the penalty applied if you do not marshal a race!!)

Link to 2012 Club league (contains final league standings)

--> click here  <--

Link to 2011 Club league (contains final league standings)
click here  <--

About the league:
The Clonard Road Club League involves a total of 6 races, 1 each month with the best 4 races to count. The league is run on points system, with points awarded as follows: 25pts for 1st place, 24pts for 2nd place, down to 6pts for 20th place, everyone else gets 5pts. Stewards/ helpers receive 5 points if they help out on race day. The league leader wears the yellow jersey. The best four race events will count towards the league total with the leader after the last round crowned club champion for 2012. There is no fee for club license holders, but one day license is needed for standard club members at a cost of 10 Euros.  

Further details on the date and time of the next club League Race in the club calendar.

Results and photos of each race will be posted on the website (see the links on the top left of this page for each individual race).