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Cycle routes

If you would like to find out more about the different cycle routes we take, please click on the links below to see a sample of some of the routes

Cycle route 1 (80k/100k cycle)

Cycle route 2 (70k/90k cycle)

Cycle route 3 (65k/85k cycle)

Cycle route 4 (40k cycle)

Cycle route 5 (30k cycle)


During the winter months, and in wet weather conditions, it is advisable to have mudguards fitted (having no mudguards leaves those behind you with a muddy face!!)...
No Mudguards

Check out the weather and wear appropriate clothing on the day of the cycle.

Sept 2014: Cycle Routes for Club Spins

Midweek spins are now sidelined until next Spring - see our news page for details of how to keep fit over the winter months!

Going for a spin?  Check out the latest weather information:

Starting from the first weekend in August 2014, we have changed the weekend (Sunday) spins to a more inclusive format that will cater for all levels of ability within the club.

We hope that the new format will encourage more members to join in the weekly spins, and we have designed them to specifically cater for less experienced and beginner riders.

9am - Mother Hubbards
This spin will be at a controlled pace, with a group captain assigned to marshal it each week.  Pace will be about 25km/h, so this will be suitable for most levels of ability, and even suitable for newcomers also (we will match the pace to the weakest rider to ensure no one is left behind).
These spins will last for about 2hrs.
Keep an eye on our Facebook group page for updates each weekend on these spins.

8am - Mother Hubbards
These spins will be for more advanced riders (e.g. who might compete in races) and will cover longer distances and at a faster pace than the later 9am spin.  Typical spin would be 30kmh average over about 90km distances.
Participants would need a good level of fitness to take part in these spins.

If you are already a club member, please feel free to join our STRAVA club and keep up to date with other members' spins:

Some points to mention, are that during the winter months we require everyone taking part in the club spins to be fitted with at least a rear, 'full', mudguard - as pointed out in the column opposite, we don't want people coming home from the spins looking like poor Mr Kelly in the photo!!
Full rear mudguards are easily fitted to almost all bikes now, weight almost nothing, and will protect riders behind you.

Next point, is that in the darker months (Nov, Dec, Jan), we also require all riders taking part in the spins to be fitted with a rear light - again, these can be sourced quite cheaply these days, and can be USB recharged, so battery expenses are nill.
Lights are critical to rider safety, especially as the club spins leaving at 8 or 9am mean that riders will be on the roads quite early, and the mornings during these months can be quite dark.

Cycle Routes examples....




Other example...

This route takes us along the N4 heading eastwards from Mother Hubbards through Enfield to Kilcock. From Kilcock we head northwest along rolling roads through Summerhill and onto Trim where we break for 15 to 20 minutes. From Trim we make the return journey to Mother Hubbards along the R161 and R156 passing through Ballivor and Kinnegad.

The 80k route starts at Mother Hubbards near Clonard. To add an extra 20k to the cycle you can join a group of cyclists leaving from the Station Yard in Enfield. Please see the club calendar for information on dates and times of the next cycle. You will need a road bike and a reasonable level of fitness to comfortably complete the route. All cyclists are required to wear a cycle helmet.